With a career spanning more than 28 years, Osman is a highly motivated business development, business strategy, marketing and creative problem solving specialist. His experience in developing products and services across numerous markets has provided skills to be able to adapt to any business environment and market conditions, including the labour hire and recruitment industry.

As National Sales and Marketing Manager, Osman is responsible for ensuring our brand promise is delivered to our current and future clients, as well as building business in new sectors. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, Osman achieves this by guiding the business development and marketing team to continually seek to improve the manner in which our service is delivered.

Osman demonstrates his strategic management and problem-solving capabilities through empowering his team to change the business for the better. Success has been achieved through changing the course through leadership, strategic planning, business development management, strategic marketing and the ability to develop strong relationships with clients and staff.


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